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Booking Conditions and Prices

Bookings can be done online via mail to and also by phone.

Phone: 0039-0187-821304
Mobile: 0039 - 335 - 6871576

The adress:

Brigitte Langmann
loc. Muro 6

19018 Vernazza - Cinque Terre


Please contact Mrs. Langmann directly for booking conditions and prices.

We gladly send you an actual price list by mail. In case of any further questions regarding your reservation do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Langmann directly.

Low season

Holidays can be booked with us in wintertime between November and the beginning of March. During these months, there are nearly no tourists in the area of Cinque Terre . Only around Christmas and New Years there will be a season's bustle as usual, but these are mostly insiders who prefer to spend their holidays out in the country in peace and quiet. At this time of year, you have the best view of the sea, and from the Tuscan semicircle island - Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Monte Cristo - you may see Corsica, and even the snow-covered Maritime Alps of the French Coast. From January on, the mimosas are in bloom. You will enjoy the bright yellow colors of the lemons and the oranges hanging at the trees. When the sun is shining - and this may be quite often at this time of year - it is simply a dream, and quite often you find yourself walking around the hiking trails with no need for a jacket and enjoying your lunch on the house's terrace in the open air.


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