Holiday apartments at the Cinque Terre


Our properties are located in the very centre of the National Nature and sea Park of Cinque Terre and spread out over the higher districts of the municipality of Vernazza.
Exactly they are situated in the settlement MURO -Vernazza and SAN BERNARDINO -Vernazza.

The holiday apartments there are located directly on the hiking trail. So you have an ideal starting point for hiking tours along the coast but also for swimming in the sea.
This convenient altitude ensures absolute privacy aside the busy tourist bustle, dreamlike views of the sea, as well as ideal starting points for hiking tours along the coast, but also for swimming in the sea.

These ancient districts of Vernazza, kept in their origins, offer the opportunity of being a guest in a still functioning context of native population. Getting an insight into the everyday life of the people and experiencing ancient traditions of culture, manners, and customs.


All apartments and flats have: