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Loc. Muro - Vernazza

Muro is the part of Vernazza that lays high above the sea bedded in the vineyards of the Cinque Terre. From here you have a fantastic view to the sea and "Punta Mesco". Here one gets up with the sun and goes to bed when the sun goes down. This settlement used to have about 50 inhabitants. Today only four families are living a live bound to nature in this idyllic landscape.

Muro can be reached by car and your car can be parked safely during your holidays.We recommend to arrive with your own car. Muro is the ideal starting point for interesting hiking tours along the steep coats and in its wild romantic mountains. Because Muro is located at a favorable altitude Corniglia is close and can be reached easily, you can drive straight to the station. Corniglia has its own charm, because it is not just laying at the sea but above the sea.

Muro is about 2 km from Vernazza, 5 minutes by car and about half an hour walking distance

During the day time buses are runningfrom MURO to VERNAZZA centre/town square and vice verca; if you have walked the trail you can easily return "at home" with the shuttle bus at the end of your excursion. The convenient altitude ensures absolute privacy aside the busy tourist bustle and dreamlike views of the sea from your own private terrace



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