The Cinque Terre

Northwest of La Spezia and in the very South of the ligurian Riviera, about 80 km away from Genua, you find the rocky strip of coast Cinque Terre (five countries). The five little villages Riomaggiiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso belong to it, which until some years ago could only be reached by boat, train or foot. Even today, this area is difficult to reach by car, because of the winding roads of the villages, which therefore remained mainly traffic free.

In 1997 the Cinque Terre was awarded Nature and Sea Park and in January 1998 the whole landscape Cinque Terre, was admitted by the UNESCO. The five villages are connected by paths, which either run up high or right next to the sea and are ideal for hiking. Through vineyards, olive plantations and an unspoiled landscape you find many different well marked hiking paths.

On the step terraces, high above the sea, grows the famous “Vino Cinque Terre DOC”. Although the very old tradition of ligurian fishing has been maintained in this old strip of coast.

Swimming is possible from Mai until the beginning of November. The largest beach (sand) can be found at Monterosso. Another smaller beach is located between Vernazza and Coniglia (Guvano). The rocky beaches are all beautiful and some are quite lonely. Everywhere the quality of the water is above average and shows nearly no pollution. (Measurements from the ecologic boat “Goletta Verde”)

Vernazza is the most impressive village of the Cinque Terre. Not without reason it is called the secret capitol of the Cinque Terre, It is the smallest of the five villages with about 600 inhabitants. A little harbour mainly for fishing boats belongs to Vernazza. The rocky coast offers good swimming possibilities, if you know how to swim. Children can enjoy themselves at the little sand beach underneath the church.

The holiday apartments Case per Vacanze a Rucca are all within the community of Vernazza and are situated in different parts (= Loc). Loc Vernazzola, Loc. Muro and Loc. S. Bernadino. They all stand out because of their quite location and the impressive situation above the sea. The veranda of each house offers a beautiful view above the sea.